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Hair Loss Treatment in San Antonio

Since 1979 Apollo Hair Systems of San Antonio has proudly brought to their customers the latest non-surgical solutions for hair loss and continue to introduce new technologies such as Apollo Cosmetic Reconstruction (ACR). With ACR, you can have a great looking hairline. You can pass the fingers through the hair-test. You, or someone else, will feel nothing but natural, healthy hair. No seams, no bumps, no knots.

No membership fees and no long term contracts. Our prices are reasonable and less expensive than alternatives.

We provide friendly family service with attention to detail and the ultimate goal of making you look terrific!

Over 160 Apollo branches have opened worldwide since it was first founded in Kansas City in 1972.



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Apollo Hair Systems has supplied the private sector for over 30 years, during this time we have serviced many burn and cancer patients with our products. Recently we have been actively working with The San Antonio VA Hospital and have been awarded contracts with the prosthetic department to assist in prosthesis for injured serviceman.