Derma Vac San Antonio

Introducing the “Finest” hair replacement worldwide Derma Vac San Antonio.
Tape not necessary professional service Far superior to
any other hair replacement made today

Announcing The Most Advanced Method Of Hair Restoration Since The Development Of Hair Replacements.

Just Imagine :

  • 1A Permanent Type Hair And Scalp Prosthesis That Won’t Come Off Accidently Yet Can Come Off Instantly At Will By Vacuum Release.
  • 2Requires No Tape, No Glue, No Clips, No Weave And Is Non Surgical. Absolutely Whatsoever. Just Its Own Vacuum Forming System.
  • 3Looks, Acts, And Feels Exactly Like Your Own. Cannot Be Felt Or Seen Even By Running Fingers Through The Scalp.
  • 4Can Be Styled And Restyled Exactly Like Your Own.
  • 5Looks So Good When Wet You Won’t Believe It.
  • 6Swim-Work-Shower-Play-Sleep And Romance-No Problems.
  • 7Run Your Fingers Through The Hair-Mess It Up-Get In The Wind, Rain Or Snow-Get It Wet, Get It Dirty-Do Whatever You Want With It, And It Will React Like Your Own Hair.

The Dermavac Hair System Is A Prosthetic Skin with Rooted Hairs That Enhances Your Own Scalp And Is Secured By Its Own Vacuum Forming System.
A Scalp Prosthesis Using Remarkable Space Age Technology. Guaranteed To Be Far Superior To Any Other Kind Of Hair Replacement Made Today.

photo (1)Derma Vacuum Hair Prosthesis a vacuum prosthesis is a clear thin poly-urethane skin that has human hair transplanted into the skin by hand to obtain a real look. A clear co-polyester film is attached to the bottom of the poly skin, which when applied to your own skin creates a strong vacuum seal. The seal keeps the hair system in place much better than most other forms of attachment. A true contact lens of your scalp. Requires no tape, no glue, no clips, no weave, and is non-surgical. Absolutely no attachments whatsoever. Just its own vacuum forming system. This is the ultimate hair system for individuals living in rural areas with little or no access to service. I have clients in Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, Houston, England, Germany, Saudi Arabia, etc. photo (3)I get a call every few years from them for a re-order, they don’t even have to come back to my studio – they get their hair in the mail pre-cut and styled. The procedure involves making plaster of paris molds of your scalp after which I reshape the male mold “a la” ceramic mold making methods to obtain a perfect fit. Special vacuum forming machinery melts the co-polyester film to the finished plaster mold. The finished lens is sent to the Apollo factory for processing.

I did not invent this system – I only perfected the fitting process back in the 80’s and it is still in demand.

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